Arrived in South Sudan

I’ve added Addis Ababa as the tenth on my list of airports I’ve been to without staying in the country! The connecting flight to Juba in a small twin engine turbo prop aircraft ended abruptly on the runway when the pilot decided that his plane was broken and wanted a new one. On our arrival in Juba 3 hours late we had to endure the bedlam of the arrivals hall (shed) where everyone is fighting for their place in the queue for visas. I should be used to all this by now in Sudan but I’m really looking forward to the time when the oil revenues of this, the newest county in the world are spent on the infrastructure. Without this South Sudan cannot hope to attract the foreign investment needed. Business people from other parts of the world are not prepared to suffer something which appears to be endemic in all the African countries I’ve visited. The frustration was reduced somewhat when we were introduced to the man in charge who, as a boy grew up in one of our boys homes in Khartoum; at least it made our entry into South Sudan a little easier!

And now down to business……………………


Ian Mawdsley and Terry Brown are off to South Sudan on Sunday 24th November. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or this blog.